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Discovery tour of Hamburg's co-working spaces

Co-working spaces for all kinds of target groups - venue for fledgling and established companies

The Hamburg Kreativgesellschaft and the Kompetenzzentrum Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft des Bundes are giving freelancers and potential start-ups an opportunity to get to know Hamburg’s co-working spaces on May 30, 2017. Then, co-working spaces will open their doors and present their business models. The participants will have an opportunity to discuss their impressions later.

Co-working spaces for musicians, fashion designers and photographers

Three different bus tours are being offered at the same time. One tour will give an overview of co-working and is geared towards participants who are searching for a new, flexible, shared office. The tour will take participants to betahaus, Rockzipfel and Shhared. A second tour focusing on work areas includes a visit to Karostar – a co-working space for musicians and to formschoen which is used mainly by fashion designers and photographers. This tour also includes a stop at the FilmFabrique and the Bauer + Planer shared workshop.

Co-working offers opportunities for collaborating and co-creations

A third tour will give participants an idea of how co-working can spark networking between large and small companies and various sectors. The tour goes to beehive, the next media accelerator in betahaus, collabor8 and Places. All of the tours start and end at the Hanseatischen Materialverwaltung in Oberhafen.

There, Frank Fischer, Head of the Culture and Creative Industries Department in the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, and Egbert Rühl, Managing Director of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, will open the discussion forum. Speakers from various sectors will highlight the advantages of co-working such as knowledge collaboration and co-creation.

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