Vorstand des Hanseatic Blockchain Institute: Moritz Schildt, Fabian Friedrich, Marleen Kertscher und Moritz Stumpf © Hanseatic Blockchain Institute

Blockchain Institute to position Hamburg as blockchain centre

Hamburg to become centre of European blockchain scene, says new Hanseatic Institute.

The Hanseatic Blockchain Institute, in existence since mid January 2019, has set itself the goal of making Hamburg a major centre of the European blockchain industry. “Blockchain technology has the potential to influence our society and our co-existence just as strongly as the invention of letterpress printing did more than 500 years ago,” said Moritz Schild, Board Member. Workshops and lectures on blockchain will be held immediately to make the technology better known and promote understanding. The Blockchain Insititute is the brainchild of Fabian Friedrich, founder of the Blockchance Conference and the Blockchance Campus in the fintech hub Finhaven in HafenCity.

Workshops to give insight, knowledge transfer

While the Blockchance Campus strives to bring Hamburg’s blockchain scene together, the Hanseatic Blockchain Institute has set itself the goal of institutionally uniting the scene. The 15 founding members, mainly fledgling Hamburg companies, want to raise awareness of the opportunities and applications offered by the technology for commerce and society. To make these aspects tangible, public workshops will be held from March 4, 2019 on the Blockchance Campus with plenty of opportunities for networking. Topics on the agenda include innovative examples of application in healthcare or blockchain for Smart Mobility.

Experts and newcomers in Hanseatic institute

The four-member board of the Hanseatic Blockchain Institute consists of Fabian Friedrich, Moritz Stumpf, a business information scientist and founder of a consulting firm specializing in blockchain software architecture, Marleen Kertscher, communications designer and blockchain expert, as well as Moritz Schildt, a lawyer and founder of an investment company specializing in virtual currencies.

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