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Startup Kroschke Digital automates driver's license control

EasyCHECK should enable fleet managers to check their employees' driving licences in a mobile and flexible manner

Employers or fleet managers are legally obliged to regularly check their employees’ driving licences as part of the owner’s liability. The Hamburg-based startup Kroschke Digital has developed an innovative way for drivers to check their driving licences. The startup also offers suitable Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and digital business models for companies with smaller fleets. Kroschke Digital’s team is based in Co-Working-Space PlaceX in Hamburg.

Innovative and automatic licence control

According to Kroschke Digital, easyCHECK offers a legally compliant and location-independent option for automatic driver’s license control via smartphone. This would mean that drivers would no longer have to drive to a fixed location and show their driving licence. The technology can be accessed via a web portal or integrated into any app.

The driver is asked to have his driving licence checked electronically by e-mail or in the app. For this purpose, a transparent and forgery-proof sticker with special adhesive electronics is applied once. The driver can now place his driving licence on the display of his smartphone and use it to carry out the check. The positive result of the check is automatically transferred to the fleet manager. The driver is now properly checked and can continue to use his vehicle. The fleet manager has an overview of all completed and open checks in his dashboard.

Digital ticket management

Another example of a digital business model is the easyTICKET parking ticket management product developed jointly with DADA Deutscher Auto Dienst GmbH (DAD). This is a SaaS solution for modern administrative offence management. The software scans the ticket and automatically transmits all relevant driver data to the authorities. This should eliminate the need for manual processing.

Process solutions also for small vehicle fleets

Kroschke Digital is part of Christoph Kroschke GmbH. The company is based in Ahrensburg and is a service partner in Germany for non-technical services relating to motor vehicles. Under the leadership of Florian Giday, most recently Head of Business Solutions at DAD, and Felix Kroschke, Managing Directors of DAD and Christoph Kroschke GmbH (CKG), the startup Kroschke Digital develops and sells digital fleet solutions.

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