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App Economy Night: experts meet in Hamburg

Association of the Digital Economy in Germany (BVDW) launches new event format in Hamburg. Part 1 focuses on successful app marketing

Experts in the app economy are to discuss issues such as the chances of success for B2B apps compared to B2C apps, the best strategy for promoting the monetisation of apps, findings about app users and how Germany fares internationally in terms of apps at the upcoming App Economy Night on June 23, 2016 in Hamburg’s Emporio Tower. The Association of the Digital Economy in Germany (BVDW) is launching this new event format.

App marketing theme

Software applications for mobile devices and services are making a huge impact on the digital economy which is worth billions, according to BVDW. The so-called app economy ranges from the emergence of new business models and means of communicating with customers to changes in the working world resulting from the demands of developments.

Several talks and panel discussions will be held on App Economy Night focusing on two main themes. The first time slot will be devoted to app marketing with experts including Oliver Bohl from Payback, a bonus point operator, and Danny von Holdt, Mobile Marketing Manager at the Otto Group. During the following panel discussion, Henry Kördel, Innovation Manager at Deutsche Bahn AG, and Melanie Kühler from GFK SE market research, will give their views.

Future of “Mobile Programmatic”

The second time slot will be devoted to monetisation. Marc Wrobel, Principal Marketing Manager at Amazon, will highlight innovative monetisation models for apps. The expert Ragnar Kruse, CEO and co-founder of the Hamburg-based Smaato Inc, a specialist on smartphone advertising, will also give his views.

The App Economy Night is the first of at least two BVDW events in Hamburg this year. The association has planned a discussion on the future of “mobile programmatic” on July 19 as well. Then experts will discuss the pros and cons of automatic trade with real-time adverts for the advertising sector and the technology currently available.

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Association of the Digital Economy in Germany (BVDW)

The Association of the Digital Economy in Germany (BVDW) represents the interests of companies in the field of interactive marketing, digital content and interactive added value. The BVDW aims to shape the digital economy in Germany. It has taken on the task of making the efficiency and the benefits of digital media transparent, and thus promoting their deployment in the economy as a whole, in society, and in administration. The association has members across the entire internet industry making BVDW interdisciplinary. The headquarters of BVDW are in Düsseldorf. More information can be found on:

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