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Allride - Cab Sharing Made Easy

Leuphana students develop new Allride app, which makes it easy to find co-passengers for a taxi ride, save money and reduce the eco-impact

Six students from the University of Lüneburg want to revolutionise cab sharing by their new smart phone service “Allride”. The technology developed by the young team brings together people who are looking for a taxi at the same time. This not only saves money, but also protects the environment. The business idea originated in a seminar on digital media production.

Ideal in Off-Peak Times

In the small Hanseatic town of Lüneburg, the last bus service leaves at 8.45 p.m. from the train station. Those arriving later have only the choice of walking or riding bike or taxi for returning home. Most students can not afford to be chauffeured home in a taxi. If one could, however, attract fellow riders, things would already be different, the students thought and developed an app that allows you to exactly do this!

Significant Reduction of Fares

The function of the app is simple: if you want a taxi, simply enter your name and load up a photo. Then, choose a preselected starting point and final destination. With these data, the app will connect all potential ride shares. Ideally, the cost for a taxi ride will be reduced to a quarter. For the trip from Lüneburg railway station to the university, fares would amount to only three euro.

Easy on the Budget and the Environment

The project is interesting not only in terms of saving money. If a taxi not just transport one person, but is better utilised, this will also contribute to protecting the the environment. Once you know with whom you will be sharing the taxi, the app offers also a chat room, where the passengers can get to know each. To meet a the departure point, they simply have to wave their smartphones. The displayed colour will then recognize the fellow passenger.

The team is lead by Jörn Weber studied, who has been studied “Digital Media” at Leuphana in the respective Bachelor degree programme for two year. The course is run jointly by the University of Lüneburg and the Hamburg Media School. Each year, some 30 students are being admitted.

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