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ADC Festival 2017: "Creativity beats Technology?"

"Three years or three beers for innovation?" Art Directors Club promoting May festival with provocative clip

Hamburg is hosting this year’s ADC Festival, one of the biggest advertising meets in the creative sector across German-speaking countries, from May 8-21. The festival gives delegates an opportunity to network, talk to keynote speakers, board members, agency managers and clients. Works marked by outstanding creativity, originality and achievement will be shown during ADC’s exhibitions in Kampnagel, Millerntor-Stadion in St. Pauli and in the Hamburg Museum of Work in Barmbek.

“Creativity beats Technology?”

Under the theme “Creativity beats Technology?”, the Art Directors Club für Deutschland (ADC) e.V. will start discussions on the value of creativity as an economic factor. Success stories like iPhones or autonomous driving show that an economy’s potential for innovation can be maxed out when creative minds and technological intelligence come together. A creative work should begin with product development and not with marketing, according to ADC.

Cinema ad – ADC Festival 2017

Cinemagoers and YouTube viewers can glimpse an interpretation of ADC’s theme in a short video. “Does innovation take three years or three beers?,” the clip asks provocatively after presenting the “world’s most intelligent lawnmower” as opposed to conventional, manual lawnmowers. The clip basically suggests that Germany has lots of potential to launch even more intuitive technology on the market. Commenting on the idea behind the clip and the festival’s theme, Dr. Stephan Vogel, President of ADC, said: “The film makes fun of many tech companies’ warlike fussing. Such manufacturers celebrate their products as the crowning glory of technological developments even though a trivial, creative, cheeky idea can achieve the same result.”

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