Residents of Hamburg to spend less on Christmas gifts

Lower budgets than previously, survey finds - stationary retail remains popular
02 December 2022
Couple out Christmas shopping in Hamburg

Residents of Hamburg plan to spend an average of EUR 546 on Christmas gifts this year compared to EUR 589 in 2021, a survey by the FOM University of Applied Sciences for professionals has found. Around 2,100 respondents of Hamburg were surveyed this year. Stationary retail remains popular for Christmas shopping. 

Almost two thirds of respondents to shop locally

Brick-and-mortar retail ranks first for Christmas shipping. Around 66 per cent value the possibility of shopping locally at Christmas followed by online shopping (65 per cent), which comes to an increase of 7 per cent over 2021. Residents of Hamburg prefer to gift books, clothes and perfume as well as games and jewellery. Every fifth person wishes to buy gifts at Christmas markets (22 per cent) while one-third (32 per cent) plan to buy gifts in the first two weeks of December.

Crises and inflation impacting Christmas budgets

Crises in 2022 and inflation are hitting Christmas budgets this year. Around 31 per cent cited higher energy and food prices as the most common reason for tighter budgets while 23 per cent cited higher petrol prices as the key factor. However, only 11 per cent cited uncertain job prospects. More than half of respondents plan to give presents to their partner, family and/or friends this year.