Hamburg launching cycling campaign

New digital hub "Fahrrad.Hamburg" now online
08 May 2019
Jung von Matt Sports

Hamburg launched Tuesday (May 7, 2019) a campaign promoting cycling for a more beautiful Hamburg. The start was accompanied online by the new digital hub Fahrrad.Hamburg, campaign motifs and the music video “From Hamburg to the Sea”. The campaign highlights the importance of cycling as part of urban mobility and is based on the “Alliance for Cycling” launched in 2016 to make the city more bicycle-friendly.

Digital hub with wide-ranging information

Kirsten Pfaue, Cycle Traffic Co-ordinator for Hamburg in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport and Innovation, said: “The many cyclists are changing Hamburg positively. To ensure that this trend continues, we are investing heavily in a modern network of cycle paths in the heart of the built-up city and offering high-quality services.” The Fahrrad.Hamburg web page provides timely and entertaining information about the new services. The hub and magazine show where bikes can be hired and how to safeguard them. An interactive map updates users about cycle routes.

Music video

Written and performed by the Hamburg- based musicians Nico Suave, Tonbandgerät, Chefboss and Cäthe, the video illustrates the diversity of music in the city. “Hamburg stands for a high standard of living. Cycling in the city means experiencing this quality of life and the atmosphere directly and being able to contribute to it,” said Michael Otremba, Managing Director of Hamburg Marketing GmbH.

Cycling crucial to mobility mix

Apart from structural measures and additional services, Hamburg Marketing GmbH is also launching a campaign with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport and Innovation to strengthen bicycle traffic and to raise the quality of life in Hamburg. Drafted by Jung von Matt/Sports, the agency is also executing the three-year campaign to boost the willingness to cycle. The overall aims are to make the city’s commitment to cycling more visible and tangible, to highlight Hamburg’s bicycle-friendliness and to boost the atmosphere among Hamburg’s road users. sb/kk/pb