Gamecity Hamburg offering thousands for six game prototypes

EUR 410,000 available for games developers, start-ups and studios in anniversary year
25 May 2023
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Gamecity Hamburg is offering six game projects EUR 410,000 in funds as part of the Prototype Funding scheme in its anniversary year, a press release said Wednesday (May 10, 2023) The funds benefit start-ups, developers and studios based in Hamburg and allows them to develop prototypes with high market potential. The recipients include three start-ups that have successfully graduated from the Games Lift Incubator

Hamburg now versatile games centre

Dennis Schoubye, Head of Gamecity Hamburg, said: "The applications submitted show the positive effects of our funding programs and offers for professionalization. In addition to newly-founded companies, experienced studios are also among the funding recipients. This once again shows the versatility and potential of Hamburg as a games location."

"Metacore" by Amberdive Interactive, "Project Renaissance" by Tiny Roar and "Reddie - Re-Run of Reality" by Curvature Games receive EUR 80,000. The co-op shooter "Metacore", in which teams of up to four players fight their way through ruins on an alien planet and defend themselves from machine guards, was developed in the Games Lift incubator 2022.  Meanwhile, the Tiny Roar indie studio has developed a point-and-click adventure game in which players in take on the role of "Joy", who embarks on a path of self-knowledge after a baby literally falls into her hut. Tiny Roar's "Project Renaissance" seeks to attract genre fans and those who have avoided adventure games in the past. 

Curvature Games lets players carry out immersive experiments as the character "Reddie" in this innovative mixed-reality adventure. They switch dimensions and realities repeatedly to find the solution. By using mixed reality, the players also interact with the actual environment.

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Over EUR 1.5 million for 27 prototypes 

 "Light of Atlantis" by Drown Town and "Stack 'Em Up" by Godcomplex Games receive EUR 70,000 each while "How to Find Friends" by Beardshaker Games gets EUR 30,000. In the 2D puzzle game "Light of Atlantis", players navigate the waters to solve puzzles and discover the secrets of Atlantis. Multiple players in the crazy party game "Stack 'Em Up", which was developed during the Games Lift incubator, form involuntary game partnerships. "How to Find Friends" is supposed to be a hidden object game. A committee of five experts selected six projects from a total of 24 applicants for prototype funding this year. Some 27 games developers have received EUR 1.5 for their prototypes since 2020. The next application phase starts in spring 2024.

Games Lift Incubator 2023

Gamecity Hamburg is now accepting applications for its Games Lift Incubator 2023 until the deadline of June 20, 2023. Games developers and early-stage start-ups based in Hamburg or those planning to move to the city are eligible to apply. Successful applicants can obtain EUR 15,000 in funding, access to workshops and mentors.