EUR 20 million for Health Harbor (H³) from German government and city

Telemedical network to digitise health care
01 February 2023
A stethoscope beside a laptop

The German Ministry for Social Security and the City of Hamburg have earmarked EUR 20 million for the telemedical network Health Harbor Hamburg (H³), a press release said Friday (January 27, 2023). The funds should advance digitization and networking between hospitals. 

Good patient care and data flow

"Sustainable, good patient care is inextricably linked to a functioning flow of data. Thus, the federal government and the state of Hamburg are providing EUR 10 million each for digital links between hospitals and health care facilities," said Melanie Schlotzhauer, Senator for Labour, Health and Social Affairs. Networking benefits patients and the health care system as data can be exchanged swiftly in a protected environment. The diagnosis can then account for all the key facts and when treating the patient, if the person has consented.

Cross-sector exchange of health data

Launched in spring 2019 by hospitals, the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Hamburg), the Hamburg Medical Council and health insurers, the H³ project is managed by the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs. The funds should boost the cross-sector exchange of health care data between service providers. Doctors' letters, diagnoses and findings can be stored in the electronic patient file and viewed by health care facilities and patients.