Elbphilharmonie’s clip stirring up enthusiasm in 2021

Giant octopus plays music at Elbphilharmonie in keeping with New Year's "just want to play” theme
05 January 2021
Elphi Riesenkrake

A giant octopus playing music on the roof of the Elbphilharmonie on New Year’s Day is stirring up enthusiasm. The concert hall said: "We can hardly wait to play for you again! Stay strong and be brave!" on Facebook. The two-minute video under the theme of "They just want to play” has met with a great response on social media and has scored over 55,000 views on YouTube.

Elbphilharmonie's roof becomes piano

The video shows Hamburg in a state of emergency when a giant octopus rises from the Elbe River and terrifies passers-by. The mood shifts markedly when the mollusc's tentacles rise up and around the Elbphilharmonie to play Beethoven's "For Elise" on the roof of the concert hall, which serves as a makeshift piano. Horror turns to amazement and then applause before the giant octopus dives back into the river. The clip in GermanEnglish and Chinese was designed by the Hamburg-based agency Giraffentoast Design GmbH and can be viewed on various social media channels.

No concerts at present

The Elbphilharmonie is hoping for a turn for the better in 2021. The creative and cultural industries have been badly hit by the corona-induced crisis and the Elbphilharmonie has had to cancel numerous concerts. Performances have been suspended until January 10, 2021 at least. Concerts in the Grand Hall have been cancelled until January 27, 2021 owing to maintenance work.