Delivery bikes to replace vans

Shift to cleaner, quieter and space-saving bikes worth EUR 1.5 million to Hamburg
03 December 2019
Stadtrad Hamburg's cargo bike

Hermes is trialling them on the last mile, Ikea is offering them to its customers, and coffee shops like Coffee-Bike, have discovered them as a stand-alone business model – delivery bikes. The Environment Office has launched a new drive to encourage residents of Hamburg to make the switch. Around EUR 1.5 million will go towards the #moinzukunft-Lastenräder project over the next three years.

Subsidies and scrap bonus

Speaking at the presentation of the subsidy programme in early October, Jens Kerstan, Senator for the Environment, said: “We have a clear aim: more delivery bikes and fewer cars and vans on the streets of Hamburg! It’s good for the climate, improves the air quality and makes Hamburg quieter.” In the case of e-delivery bikes, the subsidy will be 33 per cent of the purchase price to a maximum of EUR 2,000 and EUR 500 for ordinary delivery bikes or for a delivery bike trailer. All Hamburg residents – from private individuals, households and associations to the self-employed and companies – can apply for the subsidy from the Hamburg Investment and Development Bank | IFB Hamburg. An additional scrapping bonus of EUR 500 for the disposal of a petrol or diesel vehicle will awarded at the same time.

Bicycles as business factor

The delivery bike has clear advantage, according to Kerstan. “A large selection of new models, whether muscle-powered or electric are now available.” The switch is thus more attractive, as a suitable delivery bike can be found for every need. “The delivery bike is a good alternative for artisans, delivery services, mail order companies, particularly for the last mile.” Moreover, bicycles are increasingly a business factor. “By promoting Hamburg as a cycling city, we are boosting the turnover of many businesses working in this field,” Kerstan said. This includes bicycle retailers, as well as numerous mobile and fixed cycle workshops.

XYZ Cargo: Delivery bikes from Hamburg und Copenhagen

Bike manufacturers like XYZ Cargo specialize in delivery bikes. “We found that the idea of green transport is being taken to absurd lengths, if most of the bikes are shipped from to Hamburg from Asia by container,” said Till Wolfer, who set up the company. So, XYZ Cargo has offered its two, three and four-wheelers in Hamburg and Copenhagen with holds for transporting anything from children to goods since 2011. “Production in our factories is carried out under socially fair and ecologically sustainable conditions,” Wolfer stressed. The company and its staff of six make around 250 bikes a year. Clients include DHL, various bio-box providers and Recyclehero.

Bicycle Traffic in Hamburg

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