TU Hamburg to get real laboratory

Energiewerke and TU Hamburg to develop renewable energies-based technologies
17 November 2022
Entrance to TUHH

Hamburger Energiewerke GmbH and the Hamburg University of Technology have signed a declaration of intent thereby forging long-term collaboration on the energy transition, a press release said Wednesday (November 9, 2022) Their plans foresee building a real laboratory on TU's campus where students and researchers will develop and test scientific innovations for the energy transition, which "is one of the biggest transformation projects of our time," according to Michael Prinz, Managing Director of Hamburger Energiewerke GmbH.

Students to learn technologies for energy transition

"Our jointly declared goal is to exemplify the energy transition on our campus," said Andreas Timm-Giel, President of TU Hamburg. Students are to learn technologies for the energy transition and apply the latest research findings. "The real lab  can be a driver of innovation," said Katharina Fegebank, Senator for Science and Research. Hamburger Energiewerke will will help TU Hamburg to supply its campus with climate-neutral energy. Photovoltaic systems and heat pumps are to be installed on site for this purpose.

Research into hydrogen

More research into hydrogen technology will be conducted at TU and hydrogen will be made available for a combined heat and power plant. That will allow scientists to launch new research projects such as networked smart energy systems or innovative storage solutions for this future technology.  The public will be involved through a series of lectures, workshops and open labs.