Dyssol Tec start-up developing digital twin for industrial software

Digital imaging to optimize solids processes in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries
25 January 2023

The Hamburg-based start-up Dyssol Tec uses digital twins to improve the production of solids in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. After integrating 15 models in its software library for solids, the start-up is setting up an industrial consortium with BASF and Evonik Industries in the hope of winning over other industries for its open-source software, according to a press release Friday (January 13, 2023). 

Great demand for flow sheet simulations

Dyssol Tec's software can be used to improve the production of solids like milk powder, instant coffee, detergents or fertilizers. Resources are saved and the quality of products is improved without intervening in production. The digital twin represents a so-called flowsheet simulation, which simulates certain changes in the process on a trial basis. Sophia Rothberg, Process Engineer and one of four founders, pointed out: "Around 60 to 70 per cent of chemical production processes involve solids. Yet, mostly simulation programmes deal with liquid-gas processes."

Open-source and customized solutions

Founded as a spin-off from the Institute for Solids Process Engineering and Particle Technology at the Technical University of Hamburg, Dyssol Tec also provides support services for the open-source software. "The basic programme is free of charge as a test version. That will allow us to drive research in this field and to share our findings with other scientists," Rothberg said. The start-up also intends to offer potential partners licenses for an enhanced, customized version of the software.