Study investigates German willingness to pay for journalism

nextMedia.Hamburg conducted survey in run-up to scoopcamp 2020
24 September 2020
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Around 43 per cent of Germans said more transparent research and clearer sources would raise their willingness to pay for journalistic offers, according to a survey by nextMedia.Hamburg conducted in the run-up to scoopcamp on Thursday (September 24, 2020). The digital market and opinion research company, Civey, had interviewed more than 2,500 people on September 3-4 on behalf of nextMedia.Hamburg.

Five to EUR 15 per month for journalistic offers

Around 81 per cent of media consumers are willing to pay for journalistic offers and 30 per cent of interviewees were willing to pay five to EUR 15 per month. At the same time, every third user was prepared to spend a total of EUR 15 per month on print and digital products. The older the user, the greater the willingness to pay. Around 45 per cent of those over 65 years would pay more than EUR 15. Every tenth person in that age group was prepared to spend more than EUR 40 per month on journalism.


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Survey: Willingness to pay for journalism

Journalism and science

The survey offers some reference points on how media producers might raise payment readiness among Germans. Collaborations between journalists and academics have gained popularity in recent months, for instance, the NDR radio podcast, "The Coronavirus Update" with Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten, Director of Virology, at Berlin's Charité hospital. One in four respondents said they would spend more money on journalism with less advertising, and 19 per cent would like more or improved exclusive reports. Combined-subscriptions would prompt 15 per cent of Germans and especially the 18 to 39-year target group to pay money. The results of the survey are representative of the German population aged 18 years and over and in particular for users of journalistic offers.


Scoopcamp goes hybrid 

This year's scoopcamp, organized by nextMedia.Hamburg and Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa, is going online. The  live hybrid event can be attended both analogously and digitally under the motto of "New Storytelling". Topics on the agenda include sourcing opportunities for media companies, managing the latest developments and potential collaborations between journalists and academics. Delegates can also expect a diverse programme with a keynote by Jeff Jarvis, a U.S. journalist and professor of journalism in New York, and a closing panel discussion with Peter Kropsch, Managing Director of dpa, among others. Tickets for the digital version are available free of charge.