Software used by Hamburg’s administration wins e-government contest

"Best Cooperation Project 2022" award for Module-F infrastructure project
19 September 2022
Programmiercode für eine Software

The "Modul-F" software solution has won the "Best Joint Project 2022" award in the "Gold" category of the e-government contest for successful collaboration with Dataport and mgm technology partners. The software, which has been under development in Hamburg since January, is designed to help digitialise administrative processes throughout Germany. The project is being carried out by Hamburg's Senate Chancellery on behalf of the German Ministry of the Interior

Software made in Hamburg

""In co-operation with our partners, we have developed software modules that can be used for many different specialized procedures and can be easily adapted," said Jan Pörksen, Head of Hamburg's Senate Chancellery. "Modul-F" shows that not everyone has to develop their own solutions. Such approaches create economical and well-functioning applications for an efficient administration," he added. The system allows employees to develop custom-made software applications "even without programming skills", according to Christian Pfromm, Chief Digital Officer.

Software for all authorities and ministries

The Senate Chancellery,  Dataport and mgm are developing a modular toolkit to boost digitalisation on the federal, state and local level. Important administrative tasks, such as issuing notices, are created in modules for a so-called low-code platform for use by the administration and all ministries. Pilot projects are being carried out in Hamburg at present and will soon commence on the federal level. "Modul-F" will to be available to all public authorities from 2023.