Real lab in Hamburg speeding up path to mobility transition

"ZuHörMobil" to stimulate public debate on mobility on future - RealLabHH projects to go on show at ITS World Congress
12 August 2021
Traffic in Hafencity

A so-called "ZuHörMobil" hit roads in the city and across the Hamburg Metropolitan Region Wednesday (August 11, 2021) until August 27, 2021 to stimulate public debate on solutions to the mobility of future. The results of the project to date will be presented in the real laboratory, which is funded by the Germany Ministry of Transport. A simulation will give a glimpse of developments in future. Reallabor Hamburg's (RealLabHH) declared goal is to test the mobility of the future in practice and to recommend types of action, for instance, what (digital) measures can help redesign the urban mobility system in an environment and climate-friendly manner? And what will mobility in Hamburg look like in 2035? This comes as the city gears up to present its brand of mobility at the ITS World Congress underway from October 11-15, 2021 in Hamburg.

Eight sub-projects

As part of RealLabHH, eight sub-projects will demonstrate how digital mobility solutions can help make  urban transport systems more sustainable, safer, more comfortable and more reliable. The RealLab's first projects are already in full swing, according to Hamburger Hochbahn, which manages the project. They include on-demand shuttles that supplement public transport or micro depots with cargo bikes for delivering goods in the city centre. Driverless buses will soon enter trial operations in Bergedorf. And initial tests of a networked warning system for car drivers and cyclists have also been completed.

Feedback from residents of Hamburg

"If you think about what is happening here in Hamburg right now, it is a real turning point," said Henrik Falk, CEO of Hochbahn. The solutions tested by Hochbahn and 30 companies in science and industry will go far beyond the ITS World Congress, he added. At present, the emphasis is on letting the people of Hamburg have their say.  The so-called "ZuHörMobil" will stop at seven locations across Hamburg and the metropolitan region. Staff on the minibuses will ask people about their wishes, fears and demands on mobility of the future and gather opinions on the RealLabHH's projects.