Moorburg power plant could produce large amounts of green hydrogen

Conversion of decommissioned coal-fired power plant to hydrogen production by 2026 realistic
28 March 2022
Moorburg power plant

Large quantities of green hydrogen could be produced on the site of the disused coal-fired power plant in Moorburg, a feasibility study commissioned by the City of Hamburg has found. The construction of an electrolysis plant is economically and technically feasible and could be commissioned by 2026 at the latest.

Electrolyser - best option

The existing infrastructure in Moorburg offers excellent conditions for such an electrolyser, the study found. Other evaluated options such as a biomass cogeneration plant, a combined-cycle gas turbine power plant or a high-temperature storage facility were considered unfeasible. Michael Pollmann, State Councillor, noted: "The electrolyser fared best in economical, technical and ecological terms."

Hamburg banking on environment-friendly hydrogen

Only electricity from renewable sources is used to produce so-called green hydrogen and represents a CO2-neutral alternative to fossil fuels. The production of green hydrogen is crucial for Hamburg to meet its climate targets and to decarbonise industry. The city has set itself the goal of becoming a large European centre of green hydrogen and signed a declaration of intent to that effect with Shell, Vattenfall and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in January.