KoGoMo research project developing efficient mobility concepts

City, companies and science collaborating on new ideas
20 October 2022
Man uses ride pooling in Hamburg

The Ministry for Transport and Mobility Transition has launched the "Strengthening Municipal Governance for New Mobility offers" (KoGoMo) with the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH) to develop demand-orientated mobility concepts for Harburg. The south of Hamburg is set to become a real laboratory, according to the plans, with improved and more sustainable connections to rural areas.

Analysing and linking up offers 

Car sharing and ride pooling providers such as Cambio and MOIA have tested their mobility offers in Hamburg in recent years and are also taking part in the latest project, "New Mobility in Harburg". They are now trying to incorporate their offers into the district's public transport and to interlink them. The aim is to create an efficient and sustainable transport system geared towards users' needs. The structure of the population and the existing transport offers in Harburg were investigated in the initial phase.

Collaboration between administration and commerce

The potential for new transport offers will be identified in the second phase. Residents of Harburg are encouraged to take part.  Launched in August, "KoGoMo" is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research. The Harburg District Office and Hamburger Hochbahn are also taking part in the project.  The public-private partnership is set to continue beyond the initial period and to pool local and professional skills.