HVV Switch app to include sharing offers from New Year

Marks progress towards "Hamburg Takt"
16 December 2020
HVV Switch

The Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV) has announced plans to include all of Hamburg’s mobility services in its "HVV Switch” app from 2021. Until now, users could book HVV tickets and trips on the MOIA shuttle-on-demand service on the app. The service will be expanded to sharing services for cars, e-scooters, bicycles as well as taxis. The app is central to the "Hamburg-Takt" which denotes the senate's plans for 24/7 transport at intervals of no more than five minutes from any point in Hamburg. The aim is to encourage residents to do without cars and lower emissions.

HVV Switch to merge all urban mobility offers

During 2021, the car-sharing providers Sixt Share (spring), Miles Mobility (mid-year), and Share Now and Cambio (end of year) will join HVV Switch at different intervals. The Hansa-Taxi will be added in late 2021. "If you want to get around the city quickly and flexibly without a car, you've come to the right place," said Lutz Aigner, Managing Director of HVV. The offer will be supplemented in mid 2021 by the Tier e-scooter service and the StadtRad bike sharing offer. Commenting on the addition, Henrik Falk, CEO of Hochbahn, noted: "We are approaching the goal of delivering all urban mobility in one app - and without jumping from one application to another." 

HVV switch points to be expanded

HVV also plans to expand infrastructure at over 70 HVV switch points i.e., at bus stops and to indicate more areas built especially for mobility offers. Forty new charging points for car-sharing providers' electric vehicles will go into operation by 2022. The range of services in Kellinghusenstraße, Christuskirche, Dammtor and Barmbek has already been expanded. The app will also show the location of free parking spaces.