Hamburg's Pydro on a mission to save water

Clean tech start-up develops smart system to minimize water loss and prevent burst pipes
25 October 2021
Pydro GmbH's multi-sensor system

Water is precious and in 2010, the United Nations declared the right to access clean water a human right. The resolution was intended to drive the development and expansion of water infrastructure worldwide. Yet 1.6 billion people across the globe still do not have access to clean drinking water.

Average 30 per cent water losses worldwide

Yet, huge amounts of water are lost even in places with sufficient infrastructure - a situation which Pydro GmbH is keen on alleviating. The clean-tech start-up based in Hamburg and Rostock focuses on intelligent and sustainable water networks. "Water losses worldwide average over 30 per cent with very different characteristics," said Thomas Clemens, Managing Director. While only 8 per cent of water in Germany seeps away due to outdated pipe networks, broken pipes and leaks, this figure comes to 50 per cent in Bulgaria for instance. A considerable amount of energy is needed to maintain a constant level of water pressure in the event of defective pipes. Thus, intact pipes save both water and energy. "For this reason, active water loss management is very important," Clemens stressed. But that prerequisites sufficient data.


Miguel Linares, Mulundu Sichone, Thomas Clemens (f. l. to r.) of Pydro
© Eugen Dirksen, Pydro GmbH
Miguel Linares, Mulundu Sichone, Thomas Clemens
Pydro PT1 multi-sensor system CAD graphic
PT1 Multisensor System CAD Grafik

Intelligent system detects water losses

Founded by Mulundu Sichone, who runs Pydro with Clemens and Miguel Linares, the company - has developed an intelligent data generation system. The plug-and-play sensor solutions PT1, consisting of sensors and cloud-based software, detect water losses and help prevent burst pipes. "The PT1 is a multi-sensor that measures data in pipe networks and sends it to cloud storage where the data is analysed," said Clemens. "The PT1 powers itself via an internal turbine meaning it does not need a power connection." The PT1 sensor network system is used in Gelsenkirchen, Oslo and Switzerland. "Installations are planned in Germany, England, Australia, Switzerland, France and Spain in the autumn," Clemens added. The start-up aims to have nearly 8,200 systems installed by 2025 which should go a long way towards conserving water and energy. "We believe 13.5 billion litres of water and 27 million kWh of energy can be saved per day worldwide through this technology, which would lead cut CO2 significantly," he noted. 


Venture capital funding

Pydro received valuable start-up support from the Startup Dock at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) when the company launched in 2016. "The Startup Dock was instrumental in helping us develop a start-up concept from our idea and secure our first funds," said Sichone. Pydro finances itself from venture capital at present.