Hamburg gets powerful fast-charging stations for e-cars

New high power chargers enable particularly fast charging
03 January 2022
Charging an e-car

Nine high power chargers (HPCs) are to be built in Hamburg in 2022 with German government funds, Hamburg’s Ministry for Economics announced Tuesday (December 20, 2021). Vehicles can be charged to a level of 100 kilometres in minutes at the latest generation of fast charging stations.

Boost for e-mobility

"Charging has never been faster," said Andreas Rieckhof, State Councillor, at the presentation of the first fast charging station in December. Fast charging can reach 170 to 350 kW over the 22 kW hitherto.  "I am sure that the introduction of the HPCs will drive the success of the Hanseatic model and boost the market ramp-up of electromobility in Hamburg."

Expanding charging infrastructure

The charging stations, operated by Stromnetz Hamburg, are open to all e-mobility providers and will benefit all users. The HPCs are to be set up e.g., at petrol stations and in areas that require very short charging times. The City of Hamburg builds around 200 new charging points for electric cars every year. More than 2,000 stations are to be built by 2025.