Four finalists of Music Worx to enter incubator in autumn

Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft backs founders at interface of music and technology
07 August 2023
App zur digitalen Musikproduktion auf einem Smartphone

Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft has admitted four starts-up to this year's accelerator scheme underway from September to November. The teams will receive financial backing as well as extensive coaching and mentoring for ideas at the interface of music and tech to bring them ideas to market maturity.

Virtual cultural institutions and platform for orchestral musicians

Some 12 per cent of Europeans and 34 per cent of Americans have no access to culture, according to Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft. Enter the start-up Atopia which hopes to change that and create a metaverse for art and culture. A VR-compatible multiplayer platform will pool museums, galleries, cultural venues and stages all over the the world to make culture accessible to everyone, everywhere. The 15 partners include the Munich Symphony Orchestra and the Kunsthalle Mannheim. Meanwhile, the founders of Piumosso are developing a platform on which orchestra musicians can connect with the concert market. Hopes are now hight that orchestras, event organizers and studios will be able to recruit musicians digitally and that musicians find jobs more easily via the platform.

Leasing instruments and AI-generated music videos 

The Soundvest start-up aims to give musicians access to high-quality instruments through its leasing platform. Private investors can invest in the instruments in a bid to democratize the classical music industry. To this end, Soundvest has  entered partnerships with the Barenboim-Said Academy and the Berlin State Opera. The fourth team in the Music Worx incubator program offers Ontoworks, an AI tool for digital music video production. Artists can upload their songs and have a video generated automatically to match the music. The founders want to offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional music videos and automate the creative process.