EUR 2.5 million for Hamburg's EDDY project on dynamic map data

German government funding research into community and public map data - alternative to large navigation providers?
17 December 2021

A new research project called EDDY will soon allow cities, municipalities and local authorities to make dynamic map data available to the public. The German government has earmarked EUR 2.5 million in funds for the three-year European Digital Dynamic Mapping (EDDY) project as part of the mFUND initiative. Dynamic map data allows users to find the ideal route in urban traffic, avoid roadworks and to arrive at a destination as quickly as possible. Until now, such maps have been owned by large navigation providers such as Google Maps. Launched in November, EDDY is part of the ITS strategy adopted by the senate in 2016 through 2030. More than 170 ITS projects now allow Hamburg to position itself as a model city and laboratory for intelligent transport and logistics solutions.

Hamburg pioneering intelligent traffic solutions

The project aims to process data on traffic, weather conditions, roadworks or traffic signs, according to the Ministry for Transport and Mobility Transition. The results will be made available on the urban data platform. The use of dynamic map data is expected to reduce emissions, protect vulnerable road users and enable higher levels of automated driving. The plans foresee collaboration between researchers and SMEs and other major European cities. The partners include the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR).