EUR 10 million for telemedicine network

Hamburg and Lower Saxony to digitise health care and ease data sharing
10 May 2023
Anwendung von KI-Tools im Gesundheitswesen

The German government and the states of Hamburg and Lower Saxony are putting around EUR 10 million, of which Hamburg is paying EUR 3 million, towards a telemedicine network to improve collaboration and digitilisation in health care through 2025, a press release said Friday (April 28,2 2023). The network should ease the exchange of data and improve the quality of patient care in different places. The Albertinen Krankenhaus, Asklepios Klinikum Harburg and the University Hospitlal Hamburg-Eppendorf are taking part in the network.

Cross-border network follows Health Harbour Hamburg

"The timely exchange of health information between the institutions involved in treatment is essential for comprehensive and sustainable patient care," said Melanie Schlotzhauer, Senator for Social Welfare. Experience has already been gained with the Health Harbour Hamburg (H³) network, which links up hospitals and improves communication. "The cross-border telemedical network follows on from this development. Provided the patient consents, health care centres can exchange data without delay and co-ordinate treatments across institutions even better," she added.

Tele medical network to benefit health care 

The project's cross-institutional communication platform will facilitate the digital exchange of health data such as radiological image findings which has been shared analogously until now. The telemedicine network is one of the first of its kind in Germany and links up hospital operators in different German states. A digital consent management system for patients will be set up to comply with data protection regulations. The network will also feature a video conferencing system and a link to the appointment management system.