Cluster Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg announces new strategy

"Cluster Strategy 2025" to include hydrogen - metropolitan region a model for energy transition
09 March 2022

The Cluster Renewable Energy Hamburg (EEHH) has announced plans to include hydrogen in its "Cluster Strategy 2025" adopted in late February. Sector coupling is also set to play a far greater role in the future.

Metropolitan region en route to networked energy transition

Jan Rispens, Managing Director of EEHH remarked: "Our vision is to render the Hamburg Metropolitan Region a model of a networked energy transition in Germany using our new Cluster Strategy 2025." The idea is to map the entire renewable energy value chain from power generation onshore and offshore wind energy, solar energy and hydrogen to sector coupling and digitalization. "Renewable energies are the basis for transforming our regional energy landscape. This must grow into an overall system in which all sectors and energy sources are linked intelligently," he added. 

EEHH to strengthen Hamburg as a location

The cluster will continue to connect northern German stakeholders, ideas and projects and foster strategic energy partnerships and relationships across Europe and worldwide. The cluster aims to dovetail with key industries including aviation, maritime business and logistics in Hamburg. "We hope to see effects such as above-average growth, sustainable location security and competitiveness, the strengthening of SMEs and large companies as well as research, education and higher education institutions in Hamburg," Rispens pointed out. Companies that rely on green electricity and hydrogen will be offered other prospects and this could result in "a magnetic effect on talents and experts in the energy industry, especially the hydrogen industry," he stressed.