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Gerd Nettekoven, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Deutschen Krebshilfe und Prof. Dr. Carsten Bokemeyer, Direktor des UCCH und Ärztlicher Direktor der II. Medizinischen Klinik für Onkologie und Hämatologie © UKE/Axel Kirchhof

UKE's oncology centre celebrating tenth anniversary

Years of support from Deutsche Krebshilfe

The Hubertus Wald Tumorzentrum – Universitäres Cancer Center Hamburg (UCCH) is celebrating ten years as an “Oncological Centre of Excellence” with a patient event, a scientific symposium and a ceremony, a press release said in April. UCHH comprises 40 facilities, 19 clinics and includes 18 partners throughout the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The centre combines diagnostics, therapy and research and received over EUR 8 million in funding in 2009 after the Deutsche Krebshilfe praised it as a top oncological centre.

Centres of excellence in Germany

“Deutsche Krebshilfe has decisively shaped and advanced the oncological care landscape in Germany through its centres of excellence,” said Prof. Dr. Carsten Bokemeyer, Director of the UCCH and Medical Director of the Second Medical Clinic for Oncology and Haematology. Deutsche Krebshilfe has 13 centres of excellence nationwide. Hamburg can provide impulses for the overall development of cancer medicine in Germany through its centre.

Boosting oncological care

The Deutsche Krebshilfe seeks fundamental improvements to the care of cancer patients in Germany. The centre of excellence award evidences the quality of UKE’s work and that of all its partners and helps improve care. UCCHH is a multidisciplinary point of contact for cancer patients and offers treatment in innovative clinical trials, during consultation hours and as part of projects for patients in complementary medicine, survivorship and prevention programmes.

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