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UKE gets EUR 10 million in funds for new types of care

Innovation Committee funding two projects by University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf

The Innovation Committee of the Federal Joint Committee (Innovationsausschuss beim Gemeinsamen Bundesausschuss) is putting around EUR 10.6 million towards two UKE projects focusing on new forms of care, a press release said Friday (November 2, 2018). The CHIMPS-NET and StroCare projects aim to develop cross-sector care for children and adolescents with mentally ill parents as well as after-care for stroke patients.

Projects managed by UKE

The CHIMPS-NET project is to receive EUR 6.8 million in funds. CHIMPS-NET integrates 30 consortium partners, including five health insurance companies and 18 clinics in 15 German states to implement the new form of care. The StroCare project forms a quality network with ten consortium partners, including two acute care hospitals and five rehabilitation clinics, as well as BARMER as a large substitute health insurance fund, and is receiving EUR 3.8 million in funds.

UKE’s healthcare model.

UKE has focused on cross-sector care for many years and has concluded special contracts with health insurers to improve networking for outpatient, inpatient and rehabilitative care. It also facilitates innovations in patient care such as telemedical treatment subject to data protection laws and which are financed by the “Innovation Fund”.

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