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Techniker insurer (TK) launches electronic prescriptions

Insurance holders to receive electronic prescriptions per app

The Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is launching a pilot, electronic prescription (e-prescription) project in Hamburg-Wandsbek from Friday (February 1,2019). Insurance policy holders can register for the project in the participating doctor’s practice and redeem their prescriptions at a pharmacy using their smartphone. The 18-month pilot phase will reveal any advantages for patients, doctors and pharmacists, and whether it is proven and technically feasible.

Redeeming prescriptions per app

Doctors at the “Diabetes Zentrum Wandsbek” issue electronic prescriptions and TK insurance policy holders can get the prescribed medication using an app on their smartphone at the Priv. Adler Apotheke in Wandsbek. This saves time and paper. “The e-prescription has the potential to become an integral part of the supply. The focus here is on networking patients, doctors, pharmacies and health insurance companies,” said Maren Puttfarcken, Head of the TK regional office in Hamburg.

Secure data transmission

The doctor creates and signs prescriptions using a software extension. The insurance policy holders receive the prescription and a corresponding QR code on an app on their smartphone. This code is scanned in at the pharmacy and the prescription is then submitted. The transmission path is encrypted end-to-end, and the prescription data is stored locally in the doctor’s practice until it has been retrieved in the pharmacy. The first electronic prescriptions are likely to be issued in March.

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