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Sustainable food concepts from Hamburg

More consumers and companies opting for healthy diets - Hamburg News presents three Hamburg-based ideas

A healthy diet is a top priority for many people. Nowadays, most vegetarians and vegans can find suitable products in supermarkets. However, people on gluten-free diets still face problems such as tiny, barely-legible labels outlining the ingredients. Now Hamburg’s first gluten shop called “G(l)ut’n’free” is catering to their needs with its range of products. Shoppers can choose from all kinds of gluten-free products including cereals, muesli, spreads, pizza, pasta, flour, baking ingredients and even different kinds of beer. The founder of the company, Lutz v. Buttlar, said: “G(l)ut’n’Free is offering people on gluten-free diets a stress-free shopping experience again. All the products are absolutely free of gluten and many dairy products do not contain lactose. People suffering from allergies and who do not eat eggs can find really tasty bread here.“

“Stückgut” – everyday sustainability

Apart from the quality of food and everyday consumer items, sustainability is also a key issue for shoppers. Yet, supermarket shelves are full of products with excess plastic packaging.

Alles zum Abfüllen in Gefäße und ohne Verpackungsmüll

Although a future without rubbish seems barely imaginable, this has not daunted a shop called “Stückgut” in Hamburg that is aiming for zero waste. Shoppers can bring glass jars, bowls or bags for their products, which can be purchased according to their personal needs. Sonja Schelbach, founder of Stückgut, said: “You can find everything for your daily needs – loose and unpacked at Stückgut. We offer goods in the exact, required amounts. And the rubbish bin at home won’t overflow. We are working consistently on all levels to find sustainable solutions.”

“Refill Hamburg” – drinking water and environmental protection

Since late March, “Refill Hamburg” has been bent on reducing the amount of plastic packaging in Hamburg. Thirsty people can locate places for refilling water bottles free of charge using “Refill Hamburg’s” interactive map.

Shoppers no longer have to buy yet another plastic bottle of water. Stephanie Wiermann, initiator of the project, urged: “Let’s all avoid plastic waste and make Hamburg cleaner, protect our environment, drink good water and encourage people to live with less plastic.” The project is modelled on Britain’s “Refill Bristol“ that launched in 2015 and now provides over 200 free water stations. Meanwhile, some cafés, bars and businesses in Hamburg are helping environmentally-minded people to avoid plastic waste.

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