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"da Vinci Xi" in der Asklepios Klinik Altona © Bertram Solcher/Asklepios

Surgeons in Hamburg using high-tech robots

Greater 3D imaging quality and maneuverability - "da Vinci Xi" makes Asklepios Klinik a pioneer

Doctors and managers at the Asklepios Klinik Altona presented Tuesday (February 7) the latest ultra-modern “da Vinci Xi” surgical robot system for minimally invasive surgery which the hospital began using in early February. Specialists will use the system across all disciplines in future.

Costs of EUR 2 million

Speaking during the presentation of the four-armed robot, Dr. Thomas Wolfram, Chairman of Group Management at Asklepios Kliniken, said: “Asklepios offers patients the most modern technology for diagnosis and therapy. The use of the latest generation of the da Vinci operating system means we are setting another milestone on the way to even better medicine.” The mobile robot weighs a ton and had earlier been used for the first successful operations in a purpose-built operating theatre. The “da Vinci Xi” costs over EUR 2 million and will be used by especially-trained senior consultants in gynaecology, urology, abdominal surgery and ENT. The doctor steers the robots via two special, high-precision consoles.

Shorter operations and reduced blood loss

Prof. Dr. Christoph U. Herborn, Medical Director of the Asklepios Kliniken, said: “Our doctors are excited by the sharp, three-dimensional view of the operative field on the one hand, and by the fantastic precision and the unique manoeuvrability of the grip-arm robot and instruments that allow for very gentle, particularly safe operations.”

During surgery, the operator can sit in an optimal, ergonomic position. Another surgeon can use the second console to assist the operating surgeon. Thanks to the robot-assisted surgery, patients have shorter operating periods, suffer less blood loss and can look forward to a shorter recuperating period.

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