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Promoting STEM subjects among Hamburg's school pupils

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are particularly innovative

Hamburg is to host the third MINTforum on November 22 this year. The MINT or STEM DAY full of experiments, competitions and excursions aims to stir up enthusiasm among school pupils for science, technology, engineering and mathematics or so-called STEM subjects. In the past years, around 90 schools, institutions and initiatives have taken part in over 100 events on the day. Networking partners such as the DESY or the School of Life Science are inviting school classes to the event held under the patronage of Olaf Scholz, Mayor of Hamburg.

STEM subjects are seen as particularly innovative. Initiatives across Germany are emerging to counteract demographic change and to preempt a lack of professionals in the sector.

18,000 school pupils

School classes from one to 13 can take part in MINT Day this year. Christiane Schwinge, co-ordinator of the MINTforum Hamburg, said: “After the big success of the second MINT Day (in 2014) with 18,000 enthusiastic school pupils, we have prepared an exciting competition this year as well.” The school pupils will have 60 to 90 minutes to solve a task in informatics. The winners of the STEM competition get a certificate and an award for their class.

Initiators and network partners

The MINTforum Hamburg is an alliance of over 50 outer school places of learning, initiatives and projects to stir up young people’s interest in STEM subjects and to motivate them to choose third-level courses of study or professions in the field. The MINTforum links up schools, universities, colleges, authorities, initiatives, associations firms and foundations. The network was launced by the Joachim Herz Foundation, the Körber Foundation, the Nordmetall Foundation and the Ministry of Schools and Vocational Training. Partners in the network include the TUHH, University of Applied Sciences (HAW), the MIN Faculty at the University of Hamburg and the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg.

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STEM subjects at Hamburg's universities and colleges

In January, the science council or Wissenchaftsrat drew up a report on four of eight state universities and colleges in the state of Hamburg where MINT research and instruction are carried out. During the winter 2014/15 term, around 28 per cent of 96,000 students enrolled at the University of Hamburg, the TUHH, HAW and HCU were studying MINT subjects. Some 30 per cent of academic personnel were working in the sector. The full report can be downloaded from A summary is available on

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