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More apprentices opt to do geriatric care in Hamburg

163 more apprenticeships in two years. Hamburger Pflegegesellschaft creates incentives

More young people in Hamburg are opting for apprenticeships in geriatric care with 622 new apprenticeships in 2015/2016. This means an increase of 163 over 459 in 2013/2014 and 24 more than the 598 in 2014/2015. At present, 1,434 apprentices are undergoing training. The number of companies with apprentices has grown from 276 in 2014/2015 to 294.

Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks, Hamburg’s Senator for Health, noted: “The trend towards more apprentices in geriatric care and in health and care assistance is continuing. The training levy has proven an effective tool for raising the number of apprenticeships.”

Two training courses

Two training courses are being offered in geriatric care in Hamburg presently – a three-year apprenticeship as a registered geriatric nurse with 427 apprentices this year and a two-year apprenticeship as a health and care assistant with 195. The 622 apprenticeships in the first year of training have been recognised by the Hamburgische Pflegegesellschaft e.V. (HPG) and the data gathering institution for the training levy for professions in geriatric care.

Contributory system introduced

Martin Sielaff, Managing Director of Hamburgischen Pflegegesellschaft, said: “Efforts by firms in geriatric care to expand their capacities for apprenticeships are exceptionally successful at offering young men and women high-quality training in geriatric care. The levy introduced by Hamburg’s senate in 2013 means that apprenticeship remuneration is being paid by geriatric care companies and their clients in Hamburg for the first time.”

Raising the upper limit

The training levy for professions in geriatric care is raised through the Hamburgische Pflegegesellschaft e.V. from 500 care companies in Hamburg. Since its introduction, the costs of the apprenticeship remuneration have been spread to all companies in the sector – regardless of whether they offer training. The upper limit will increase from March 1 to refund the costs of paying junior apprentices. Companies can then pay apprentices in their first year EUR990.70, up to EUR1,056.70 in the second year and up to EUR1,163 in the third year.

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About Hamburgische Pflegegesellschaft

The Hamburgische Pflegegesellschaft is a working group of umbrella associations in the patient, day-care and outpatient treatment in Hamburg. The members include the Arbeiterwohlfahrt, Private Providers of Social Services (bpa), Caritas Association, Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband, German Red Cross, Diakonisches Werk and the Central Association of Hamburger Pflegedienste e.V. More Information on the levy system can be found on:”: Information about apprenticeships are available on:

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