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Rising demand for health carers prompts UKE project

UKE's academy helping skilled foreigners adjust to Hamburg's labour market

The academy of the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) is launching a project to help immigrants adjust their qualifications to requirements in Germany and to gain valuable, work experience in the healthcare sector. Around 100 participants will take part in the latest project this year. This comes amid the backdrop of rising “demand for skilled health carers and nurses” throughout the healthcare sector and should help ensure the supply of sufficiently qualified personnel. Workers with international qualifications should find it easier to access Hamburg’s labour market.

Pioneer in north Germany

During a recent visit to the academy accompanied by Dr. Melanie Leonhard, Senator for Labour, Social Affairs, Family and Integration, Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks, Senator for Health, said: “Against the backdrop of the shortage of skilled workers in important health care and nursing professions as well as physiotherapy, the qualification adjustment project helps skilled workers with foreign qualifications to acquire the practical equivalent to their vocational training.” The immigrants’ respective cultural and linguistic backgrounds make them important contacts for foreign patients in our health system, she added. Around 194 skilled workers have already taken part in the project. Hamburg is playing a pioneering role in northern Germany and is putting EUR 175,000 towards the qualification adjustment project, said Prüfer-Storcks.

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