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Hamburg Start-Up to Digitalise Medical Records

With LifeTime, connected-health developed a smartphone app allowing easy and direct connections between doctors and patients

A fast and accurate exchange of medical records can be crucial for the successful treatment of each patient. However, background infos and details on a patient are rarely directly available to physicians, and patients usually have no direct access to their health data in Germany, where paper print-outs and CDs are often still the only means of transferring medical data.

LifeTime helps patients provide their doctors with relevant medical data like previous findings or wearable tech data. After the doctor’s appointment, new diagnostic data can be taken home and easily transferred to the next doctor. Between two visits the LifeTime app delivers a continuous and comprehensive overview over the patient’s health. Context-sensitive and medically verified information about current and past findings can be displayed directly in the app. LifeTime makes transferring, storing and interpreting medical data easy and secure. With LifeTime, people can make the best decisions to stay healthy.

Increasing Transparency

A surgeon by training, John Jacubeit, founder and CEO of, is well aware of these problems. He thus dealt in detail with the question of how the health sector could benefit from new digital approaches. His solution: a simple and secure data exchange between doctor and patient over the phone requiring no internet. “It is for us to completely self-evident that we can access all information anytime and anywhere with our smartphone. Ironically, at such a fundamentally important issue as our own health cannot be accessed yet”, states Jacubeit. With LifeTime, he wants to create a new tool to improve transparency between treating physician and the patient and an easy way to transmit and store information digitally.

Data Control

LifeTime is set up by two parts. For doctors, LifeTime consists of the LifeHub, a small hardware that has to be set up at the reception counter,where patients will be able to connect to the device via their smart phone. For patients, an app has been developed. Patients will not only be enabled to control all medical data, but also to choose which information from their medical records they want to share with what doctor. Lifetime integrates the transmission of traditional documents such findings, medication plans and radiographs, as well as the transfer of data recorded, for example, by fitness bracelets.

First achievements

To bring health back to the patient, was the idea by John Jacubeit, Matthias Lau and the team of Founded in October 2014, has been able to win awards. Among other things, the Hamburg start-up was nominated as on of the top 50 startups of CODE_n-innovation competition at CeBIT. was also honoured with the first prize as best app idea by the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg and took home the first prize in Life Science Innovation of Best of Both Leipzig.

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