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Hamburg hospitals see new surge in babies

Obstetrical ward in Marienkrankenhaus leads the way in first half of 2016. Maternity clinics popular among parents

A record 12,510 babies were born during 12,255 births in the first half of 2016 – an increase of 1,073 in obstetrical wards and the birthing house over the same period in 2015. Last year, 24,151 children were born during 23,678 births. The obstetrical ward in the Catholic Marinekrankenhaus had the highest increase in birth rates in 2016 with 1,951 newborns.

“Sound barrier” of 4,000 births

Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks, Senator for Health, said: “More children are being born and not only that, more and more parents are turning to maternity clinics with high birth rates and thus greater experience. We have many establishments in Hamburg that are among the top groups in Germany. It is perfectly conceivable that a hospital in Hamburg breaks the ‘sonic barrier’ of 4,000 births in 2016.”

City attractive to every generation

In January, the Hamburg Authority of Health and Consumer Protection announced a noticeable increase in births last year over 2014. Maternity clinics in Hamburg had 23,678 births while 24,151 children were born in the birthing house. This again comes to 1,140 more children or an increase of 5 per cent over 2014 with 23,011 children at 22,551 births.

Commenting in January, Prüfer-Storcks said the increased birth rate showed that Hamburg is vibrant and attractive to all generations and the figures show that the city’s maternity clinics enjoy renown beyond the city as well.

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