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Enhanced Workplace Safety

Partnership for occupational safety to be continued. New challenges will be faced.

Hamburg’s partnership for occupational safety, called “ArbeitsschutzPartnerschaft” in Germany, is to be continued indefinitely, the Hamburg Senate quoted a statement issued the business assocation, chambers, trade unions, professional associations, and the Agency for Health and Consumer Protection(BGV) that have been co-operating for the past ten years to promote the safety and health of workers in Hamburg-based companies.

Occupational Safety Prevention

“Hamburg’s Occupational Safety Partnership has proven that a constructive dialogue among all participants clearly improves the health and occupational safety of employees in Hamburg”, said Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks, Hamburg Minister of Health and Consumer Protection. „Companies and staff actively contributed to preventive occupational safety in numerous event and campaigns jointly organised. It is thus of utmost importanace to continue the successful co-operation in future.“

New Challenges

In future, the “ArbeitsschutzPartnerschaft” plans to face the new challenges for occupational health and safety, ranging from the special needs of young and senior employees to staff with a migration background. Also in f the future, all activities will continue to be embedded in national and international strategies. These strategies include, for instance, the “Joint German OSH Strategy” or the “Community Strategy on Health and Safety at Work” by the European Commission.

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To promote healthy and safe working environments in Hamburg, the occupational safety initiative was founded in 2005 under the name of “ArbeitsschutzPartnerschaft“. Until now limited for a fixed period of time, the partnership gives priority to projects in small and medium-sized enterprises. Their exemplary practical solutions and approaches were recognised by the “European Good Practice Award 2012-2013” of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, Bilbao (EU-OSHA).

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