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Active Hamburg Turns Public Spaces Into Sports Studio

Germany's candidate city for hosting the 2024 Olympics is promoting public sports among its citizens with urban sports labs.

As candidate of the German Olympic bid, Hamburg is also promoting amateur sport. 2015 has thus been named a theme year of citizen sports, inviting locals to improve their fitness by a little of exercise right at their doorsteps.

Climbing stairs keeps you fit, smiling lifts the mood, and operating the smart phone with the other hand trains the coordination. Simple and effective – that is also the fitness vision pursued by the Urban Sports Lab (USL)set up as a major element of the “Active Life in Hamburg …” campaign to promote a healthier life.

Integrate Sport Into Everyday Life

21 minutes of light physical activity a day are recommended by the World Health Organization for a healthy life. That is not much. Especially not when the exercises are integrated into everyday life. And precisely this is the target of the USL, developed by the Hamburg Design Studio feldtmann + chultchen. Thus, yellow neon sticker attached to pavements and wall now invite Hamburg citizens to exercise.

18 Fitness Points

With the districts of Hamburg-Mitte and Eimsbüttel launching the campaign, it is now the turn of Hamburg-Nord to become more active. Between Winterhude, City Nord and the city park, there are a total of 18 fitness points with various exercises set up. 13 of the 18 stations are permanently installed in one place.Tthe remaining five point will switch locations after three weeks – and thus provide additional variety.

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