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University of Hamburg to host international mathematics congress

Germany to host International Congress on Mathematical Education for second time. Some 3,500 delegates from 106 nations expected

The University of Hamburg will host the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-13) from July 24-31, 2016. Germany is the first country to host the congress twice.

New teaching concepts and technical developments

More than 3,500 delegates from 106 nations are expected at the University of Hamburg and the Congress Center Hamburg (CCH) where they will present their latest research findings in English. A German-language conference will also be held for 250 teachers. Topics on the agenda include the growing importance of mathematics for understanding the world and as a key competence for further studies in vocational training and at university level. Overcoming problems in class with new teaching concepts and technical developments will also be an issue at ICME-13.

Present school teaching methods

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Kaiser, Professor for Mathematical Didactics at the University of Hamburg, said: “During the past years, several innovative concepts have been developed for the continued development of teaching and learning mathematics as well as improved maths instruction. They include e.g. interdisciplinary and project-like instruction or using examples in class linked to everyday life and science.”

She added: “We wish to analyse these approaches, reflect on them and develop them further. The focus will also be on the role of national education standards as well as ways of improving teachers’ education. That will be difficult to achieve without changing the current school teaching methods over the next ten years.”

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