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Sustainabilty Concept Presented for 2024 Olympics in Hamburg

Presentation of the concept at Unilever House. Experts, proponents and opponents invited to ask questions

Cost-effective, compact, and climate-neutral: these are the key features of Hamburg’s sustainability concept of its Olympic bid. On Tuesday, 29 September, th status of sustainability concept was the topic of a dialogue held at Unilever House

Everyone could get involved

To kick off the dialogue, Jens Kerstan, Hamburg Minster of the Environment, presented the current status of the concept as well as the most important cornerstones before joining a panel discussion with Dr Nikolas Hill, (Bewerbungsgesellschaft Hamburg 2024), Dr Delia Schindler, (Zukunftsrat Hamburg), and Artur Brückmann (AStA Uni Hamburg) on Hamburg’s vision of ​​sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Games and their concrete implementation. Afterwards, theme tables allowed citizens to discuss ideas and arguments and to become actively involved.

Climate Neutral Games

First key principles had already been presented by Kerstan in July. TIn addition to various climate protection measures, they comprise the supply of the Olympic City with innovative energy concepts and. This will ensure to make the games climate neutral. In addition, the concept: the use of sustainable building materials, an environmental screening of all sports facilities, and a long-term future use of the Olympic City are on the agenda. The athletes’ village is to become a welcoming city, a district with affordable housing for migrants or students after the games.

Games of Short Distances

Also, the supply of products and services before and during the games are to meet high environmental and social standards. The mobility concept is based on compact, short routes that are covered primarily by public transport, on foot or by bike. Furthermore, the city will be as car-free as possible during the games, excluding delivery and resident traffic. Financially, too, Hamburg will focus on sustainability: The games are to be cost-conscious, transparent and planned with special attention to re-use, thus the Senate. To host the games in 2024, Hamburg will not take another debt.

Catalogue of Measures

The sustainability concept is being further specified to become part of Hamburger application documents for the IOC in February 2016. Under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Energy (BUE), experts and dialogue partners are working on the concept in project groups. Experts of the Sport University Cologne and the Eco Institute have developed a catalog of points on the ecological, social and economic sustainability. “We understand sustainability in a holistic way: socially, ecologically and economically. With our concept for green, compact and cost-conscious games, we confidently enter the race against other candidate cities”, said Jens Kerstan.

“We want to show that sustainability can make a difference. An ambitious sustainability scheme for Olympic Games will also tremendously advance the sustainable development of Hamburg. A key objective will be to host the games carbon neutral. This claim should also be a signal for the conference on climate change to be held in Paris in November”, Kerstan added.

source and further details:
Behörde für Umwelt und Energie

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