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Social Media Week 2018 to focus on community vs. individualism

Algorithms and artificial intelligence herald new future - #smwhh2018 to focus on latest digitalisation trends

The 7th Social Media Week Hamburg (SMWHH) gets underway from February 27th-March 3rd, 2018 under the theme “Closer: Community versus Individualism” in the University of Applied Sciences Europe and the Altona Museum. At present, digitalisation is impacting both professional and private spheres. Companies are turning to artificial intelligence and new technologies to make life easier and better. Yet fear of heteronomy caused by obscure algorithms is spreading. Events during SMWHH will try to bring the various perspectives on digitalisation together. Topics on the agenda include how to improve consumers’ experiences of digitalisation.

“The You Universe” and “The Social Divide”

Nowadays, people have all kinds of social media opportunities to share information, ideas and opinions on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and just have to click to reach an audience. However, social media are stirring up new needs. Clicking on Facebook is similar to the effect of cocaine on the brain, studies have found. Critics say this is creating a narcissistic culture and will handled the issue under the concept “The You Universe”. Social media also promise to bring people closer together. However, analyses of digital filter bubbles show that closed communities often emerge which are difficult to access. Experts call this “The Social Divide”.

Artificial intelligence versus humanity

Digitalisation is spreading in the background and intelligent chatbots are improving all the time. Customers are having entirely new experiences thanks to modern algorithms. At the same time, artificial intelligence is triggering more efficient and effective corporate structures. For this reason, many companies are working smarter rather than harder nowadays. Given these developments, experts aim to bring people together rather than alienate them. The question is whether artificial intelligence can raise the quality of our lives and lead to a more humane society at the same time. Social Media Week 2018 offers all kinds of panel discussions, interactive workshops and interesting keynotes simultaneously to social media weeks in other cities. pb

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