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PREVIEW: First DACHINA brand dialogue in Hamburg

Conference attracts trade audience, top-class speakers in German-language region and China

The first DACHINA brand dialogue gets underway in Hamburg’s Grand Elysée hotel on September 5, 2018 and marks the start of a biennial meeting to be held as part of Hamburg’s “China Time” in future. The conference offers a unique new platform on which a select, expert audience meets top-class speakers to exchange concrete experiences and trend-setting concepts in brand management in an open atmosphere.

Two formats

The brand dialogue consists of a series of presentations by top-class speakers and a panel discussion, the content of which is divided into two formats: The first format is entitled “Unlimited” and deals with innovative and future-orientated approaches and will focus on “Brand Thinking”. The second format is entitled “Concrete” and will deal with specific topics and practical experience. The focus will be on ‘Global brand strategy, local solutions in German-language regions (DACH) and China.

Hamburg among China’s top foreign trade partners

Hamburg underlines its economic importance for China: According to the Port of Hamburg, a total of 2 million tons of goods were imported and exported between Hamburg and China in 2017. Measured in tonnes, Hamburg counts among the top five German states in trade with China
in 2017. Lower Saxony (2.1 million tonnes), Baden-Württemberg (2.3 million tonnes), Bavaria (2.7 million tonnes) and North Rhine-Westphalia (6.3 million tonnes) also occupy top positions. Measured in TEU container units, China and Hong Kong continues to lead the list of Hamburg top trading partners with 2.62 million TEU.

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