Olaf Scholz eröffnet die Hanse-Akademie © Aline Brosch / Senatskanzlei

Hanse academy for leadership and management opens

Managers in Hamburg can qualify from "Hanse-Akadmie" - individual offers for executives

The “Hanse-Akademie” is to start operating on July 1, 2017 and offer training and qualifications to managers and executives in Hamburg and those in public companies, according to a press release Thursday (June 28, 2017). Olaf Scholz, Mayor of Hamburg, said: “Like any other large organisation, the city of Hamburg can only achieve its objectives and ideas successfully with the support and commitment of managers and when their staff are taken on board. You learn that not just once, but for a lifetime: we must deal with that repeatedly.”

Creating affordable housing, integrating refugees and immigrants and ensuring the ongoing digitalisation of administration services is posing huge challenges for executives in public service. The academy will help new and experienced managers handle these tasks.

Skills in management and innovation

The “Hanse-Akademie” has wide-ranging offers for managers, executives and public companies. The core of the syllabus includes a series of modules on management. The executives complete five to six modules that train skills in management and innovation. Training in personal and social skills is also offered. The academy has a vast range of individual offers to help managers and executives tackle everyday challenges.

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