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TUHH To Host International Morphodynamics Workshop

International experts to attend the workshop on „Numerical Methods of Water-Soil Boundary Layers under Currents and Waves“ on 22 September 2015

The Department of Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Management (GBT) of the Hamburg University of Technology will be hosting an international workshop on “Numerical Methods of Water-Soil Boundary Layers under Currents and Waves” on 22 September 2015.

The Impact of Erosion, Sedimentation, Colmation & Co.

The characterisation of processes at the boundary layer between river bed and free water area due to hydrodynamic load is still a present problem. Complex influences and nonlinear behaviour even on micro scale level make the estimation difficult. Thereby, the importance of morphodynamic forecasts to estimate the sediment transport in rivers and coastal areas remains unaffected.

Earth In Flow

In the last years several approaches in numerical methods have been made to describe the interaction in the transition zone. The methods are as multifarious as different and deal with diverse scales and physical correlations. Independently the method results show improvements on accuracy, sensitivity and reliability.

From Pore Scale To Macro Scale Modelling

The workshop will give an overview about the present numerical methods which are used for reproduction of short and long term morphodynamic at the boundary layer of water and riverbed. The current state of research will be discussed along with opportunities opened up by recently obtained knowledge.

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