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ADC festival in Hamburg points to key advertising trends

Hamburg News talks to Dörte Spengler-Ahrens, Member of ADC Presidium, about the highlights of the key advertising event in the German-language region

An interview with Dörte Spengler-Ahrens, Member of ADC Presidium and Managing Director Creation at Jung von Matt/Elbe, on the festival, trends in advertising, this year’s location in Hamburg and on north German creativity.

Hamburg News: What can we expect during the five-day ADC festival from April 20-24, 2016?

Spengler-Ahrens: One of the biggest events in Germany’s communication sector. The festival offers many simultaneous highlights: the top-quality congress under the motto “Heroes of Content” with international speakers in Gruenspan and the world’s biggest creative, communication exhibition in the Millerntorstadion. Then there is a day for young staff in Millerntorstadion and a junior staff convention in Gruenspan as well the ADC Awards Show and After Show Party on April 22, 2016 in the former engineering works in Kampnagel.

Hamburg News: Can a particular trend be deduced from works and campaigns submitted this year?

Spengler-Ahrens: As usual, ADC’s focus is on communication highlights that excite, encourage and reach people. If you wish to discern a trend, you can perhaps mention the emphasis of the content emerging from a brand and that communicates its attitude and identity in a new, remarkable way.

Hamburg News: Can you give us some examples?

Spengler-Ahrens: EDEKA’s “Heimkommen” (coming home) or Media Markt’s “Hasenrasen” (lawn bunny), Hornbach’s “Du lebst, erinnerst Du Dich” (you live, you remember) or VW’s “Enjoy the silence” to give just a few examples. A brand will only achieve long-term user and consumer loyalty and remove itself somewhat from price competitiveness and fascinate users by repeatedly presenting itself beyond pure product messages .

Hamburg News: Is any special technology or campaign approach noticeable in the battle for the Golden Nail this year?

Spengler-Ahrens: Big brands have to tell big stories and smaller stories at other times – it is simple, but tricky. Technology in terms of platforms is playing an increasingly, important role and you need a command of all the tools. However, a campaign is only as good as its idea.

Hamburg News: The ADC festival is considered Europe’s most important meeting of the creative industry. How does Germany fare by international comparison?

Spengler-Ahrens: The creative quality, which is typical of ADC, is being recognized internationally. To give you an example: the front-runners of the last ADC competition “Right versus Right” (“Rechts gegen Rechts”) won prizes at all the international competitions. Germany is improving, but we would like customers to pluck up even more courage to implement unusual, creative concepts that boost their brands. Then there will be more users of a brand’s products and not only ADC’s “nails”,

Hamburg News: Hamburg is justifiably proud of its creative people. What in your opinion is the secret of Hamburg’s creativity?

Spengler-Ahrens: That has to do with the fresh, wind blowing here. No, seriously, Hamburg is simply the biggest location for creative order communication in Germany. Thus, Hamburg is the most successful location in terms of commerce AND creativity.

Hamburg News: Jung von Matt has won yet another prize for creativity. The Edeka advert “#Heimkommen” won a gold and three silver clapperboards. What is the key to successful advertising spots and campaigns?

Spengler-Ahrens: Do not forget our Kazim, who sang, “Is mir egal” (I don’t care) for Berlin’s BVG and won two bronze prizes. ADC and the clapperboard award are keen on the same objectives: exciting people for their messages, encouraging and reaching people.

Interview: Yvonne Scheller

Dörte Spengler-Ahrens

Dörte Spengler-Ahrens, 44, is from Hamburg and counts among Europe’s best advertisers. She has won many prizes for creativity at home and abroad and is a member of the Art Directors Club presidium. Since 1996, she has been a member of management at Jung von Matt and is meanwhile managing director of the agency.

About the ADC Festival

Advertising agencies, companies and freelance creative people have submitted work and campaigns in the following categories: print media, audiovisual media, digital media, dialogue marketing promotion, media, branded content PR, spatial stagings, design, editorial, craft and integrated communication.

The Art Directors Club for Germany (ADC e.V.) consists of around 650 leading figures in creative communication. The members are renowned designers, journalists, architects, set designers, photographers, illustrators, directors, composers, producers and advertisers.

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