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"An invaluable factor of success in our economy"

Keynote of German President Joachim Gauck at the 350-year anniversary of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce celebrated its 350-year jubilee with a gala on 19 January 2015. Keynote speaker was German President Joachim Gauck. In his address to 1,500 guests from Hamburg, Germany, and the world, the German head of state said at the chamber’s historic trading floor

“I am very happy to comply with your invitation and to hold this speech tonight. On the one hand, it will give me the chance to ask what accounts for the stability of the institution. The answer is simple. Chambers, here and elsewhere, were used, as they are used today – as political advocacy of the domestic economy, as engines of regional economic policy, as an advisor and supporter of entrepreneurs, and not least as an important pillar of our professional education, which – as we know – is an invaluable success factor in our economy. “

Tradition And Tomorrow

“The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce regards itself as a workshop of ideas and a driver of reforms”, Federal President Gauck continued his speech. “It says so in its mission statement, which combines the caring for the past the the shaping of strategies for the future. A future marked by success and stability is nothing that just comes along by itself, but need preparations and lives on premises. But here in Hamburg, here at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, such conditions are known, and bring along something that does not exist anywhere else. You can draw from a past that is a true treasure”, Gauck concluded and expressed his sincere congratulations along with his best wishes to the chamber. “Good luck for the next 350 years.”

To Focus Interests And Provide Assistance

Chamber president Fritz Horst Melsheimer talked in his speech about the identity and vision of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce: “Our brand’s core is: we advise companies, we focus on interests, we train people. Advising companies means, particularly for small and medium-sized companies, to provide assistance from the formation of a young start-up to times of trouble, and to ensure an economic climate stimulating growth and success. To focus interests means to us to stand up for a powerful infrastructure, for sound public finances, a fair tax system, and to care for and investment in research and development.”

Hamburg’s History Shaped By The Chamber

Hamburg’s First Mayor Olaf Scholz also paid tribute to the chamber’s performance throughout the centuries: “In In the 350 years of its existence, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce significantly contributing to shaping the history of Hamburg. It promoted industrialisation and trade, and pushed ahead what one might call ‘internationalisation and globalisation of the city’. I thank like to thank the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce for its tireless, intense, if necessary controversial, and always purposeful participation in the course of 350 years on behalf of the entire city. “

Many Jubilee Events

A series of events on “Hamburg 2030” will thus address today’s achievements and define and develop visions for the next 15 years. On 20-21 June, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce will open its doors to all locals and visitors to celebrate an interactive “Tag der offenen Tür”. Receptions on occasion of the jubilee will also held in the chamber’s foreign missions. In Hamburg, a permanent exhibition will be displaying the chamber’s history in the “house in the house”. In addition, there are three books that deal with different eras and aspects of the history of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

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Serving Hamburg

Founded in 1665, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce is the political lobbyist, mediator and advocate for Hamburg’s economy for 350 years. It represents the interests its 167,000 members in politics and administration, offer customer-oriented services for its member companies, and acts as an independent advocate of markets, competition, and fair play.Some 700 entrepreneurs serve as elected representatives in the Chamber’s more than 30 committees. In addition, some 4,100 volunteer examiners support Hamburg’s vocational education system. At the Chamber’s headquarters. 250 staff are being employed. In all their efforts, they are being guided by the chamber’s claim: “serving Hamburg”.

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