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Hamburg takes over chair of Prime Ministers' Conference

Tschentscher to welcome heads of German states to Hamburg - digitalisation to top agenda

Hamburg took over Monday (October 1) the chair of the Prime Ministers’ Conference for one year. And the heads of all German states are due to meet in Hamburg from October 24-26, 2018 to discuss political issues across the nation. Increased, online digital services are set to top the agenda. Emphasis will be on safe, simple access organised digitally by the co-operating authorities. The German government and the states are also aiming to improve digital technology at schools with the “DigitalPakt Schule”.

Advancing key issues

“The Prime Ministers’ Conference is an important forum in which the states co-ordinate their common goals and their position towards the German government. As the state presiding over the conference, Hamburg will represent the states’ interests towards the German government in the coming year and will work closely with the governments in other states. I look forward to this new task and hope that we will be able to advance the central political issues in Germany, such as building houses, the energy transition, investment in transport routes and digitalisation,” said Dr. Peter Tschentscher, Mayor of Hamburg.

Prime Ministers’ Conference

The Prime Ministers’ Conference is a committee formed by Germany’s sixteen states to co-ordinate policy in areas that fall within the sole jurisdiction of the states, e.g. broadcasting. The conference meets four times a year. The chair of the meeting is rotated on an annual basis.

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