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Hamburg Starts Olympia Initiative

With support local business, Hamburg will promote its Olympics assets over the next weeks.

In Hamburg, numerous activities are about to start to convince the locals of Hamburg as host city for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. As first Olympic Ambassador of Hamburg, the entrepreneur Alexander Otto teamed up with the Hamburgh Minister of Sport, Michael Neumann, Klaus Widegreen, Vice-President of Hamburg’s Sports Association, and Fritz Horst Melsheimer, CEO of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, to present Hamburg’s joint initiative for an application as host city of the summer Olympic Games in 2024.

Enthusing the Locals for the Event

The aim of the Olympic initiative is to generate the high local approval and acceptance needed to back the Olympic and Paralympic Games application, and Hamburg’s wish to be Germany’s host city. These targets are pursues by proposing to them to follow in the footsteps of Alexander Otto and advertise the world’s biggest sporting event as one of the city’s Olympic ambassadors. Thus, sponsors and partners are planning to conduct several events throughout the city over the next few weeks.

Prominent Ambassadors

In addition to Hamburg’s First Olympic Ambassador Hamburg, Alexander Otto, celebrities from sports, culture, economy and science Olympic ambassadors will promote Hamburg’s assets as host of the Olympics, including, inter alia, Dr. Jens Baas (Techniker health insurance), Dieter Basin (Basin Group), Dietmar Beiersdorf (Hamburger SV), and Frederick and Gerrit Braun (miniature wonderland).

Many Events Planned

T raise the appetite for the Olympics among the locals, many events will take place, with the first ones starting Monday 8 December. Today, Frederik and Gerrit Braun of Hamburg’s miniature wonderland, will start construction of walk-in miniature Olympic Stadium in the inner city shopping arcade Europa Passage. ECE, a leading Hamburg operator of malls, is planning a Hamburg-wide light performance, with the evening sky illuminated by rays in the colours of the Olympic rings in mid-January and the motto “Reach Out For Olympia”. In addition, all mall are declared as “open stages” for Olympia-related events by ECE.

Olympia Online

Also promoting Olympia will be Hamburg’s first shopping Sunday of the new year, inviting strollers and shoppers to city on Sunday, 4, under the theme of “Fire and Flame”. In mid-December, Hamburg’s Olympic Initiative will launch its very own homepage, and promote its activities on a Facebook fan page. The city’s official online platform will also offer abundant information on Hamburg’s application.

source and further details:
Senate Chancellerypresse


In mid-February 2015, the German Olympic Sports Confederation will be conducting polls among the inhabitants of Berlin and Hamburg, with the city of the highest approval by its populations having the best chances to be named the country’s official Olympic candidate. In late summer 2015, a referendum is to follow. If met with approval by the locals, the German Olympic Sports Confederation will present the city as possible host to the IOC. In a first poll conducted in Hamburg in September, 80 per cent of all respondents generally welcomed Olympic Games in Germany, but only 53 per cent said “yes” to Hamburg as host city.

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