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Hamburg To Host the Second Long Night of Yoga

Numerous Hamburg studios, including the martial arts academy "Wu Sheng“ are inviting visitors and locals alike to enjoy the city's second long night of yoga

For the second time, the fund-raising project “LANGENACHTDESYOOOGA” (Long Night of Yoga) will be returning to Hamburg. On 20 June 2015, more than 80 locations in Hamburg, Bochum and Munich will be opening their doors from 6 p.m. to midnight to curious guests, including yoga institutes, associations, schools, and gyms. By offering courses for beginners and advanced yoga enthusiasts, the project will support the association “Yoga for all eV”, which will use the night’s donations to offer non-profit yoga classes. Participants in Hamburg include the martial arts academy “Wu Sheng” , which will offer yoga strength training and hands-on activities at Hamburg’s Rindermarkthalle.

Donations collected for the registered association “Yoga for all”

The programme of “The Long Night of Yoga” will allow visitors to explore the different schools and offers of yoga, ranging from children’s yoga to Yogalates and Yoga for pregnant women. Lectures and mantra concerts will invite guests to talk to each other and exchange their views and experiences. The proceeds from the ticket sale will be forwarded to the “Friends of Yoga for all eV”, which offers yoga to people who normally would not have access to the activity, i.e. inmates of prisons or people in wheelchairs.

Martial Arts and Yoga

The “Wu Sheng – School of Martial Arts and AY10” is one of more than 45 providers in Hamburg supporting the fund-raising project. On the first floor of Hamburg’s Rindermarkthalle, the city’s former cattle market hall, sports fans will find numerous courses training strength, balance and relaxation. In addition to traditional martial arts such as kung fu, tai chi or Thai boxing, Wu Sheng’s owner Ayten Gülec also developed the AY10 programme. Standing for “Athletic Philosophy 10”, AY10 combines strength training and yoga in a novel work-out programme.
h2. Social Commitment

Since 2008, the martial arts school “Wu Sheng” has been co-operating with the BürgerStiftung Hamburg and offering free training to 24 children whose parents could not afford to pay the membership fee. The project touches Ayten Gülec deep at his heart: “Throughout the training, our small members are very focussed on what they are doing. Learning to concentrate and focus on one activity at the time will enhance their school grades and – most importantly – build up their self-confidence.” To follow their self-development and improvement, Wu Sheng’s trainers keep close contact with the children’s parents.

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