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Hamburg to host Futur 2 festival

Germany's first self-sufficient energy event to focus on regenerative energy

The concept of Germany’s first self-sufficient energy event, the Futur 2 Festival was presented Thursday by Jens Kerstan, Senator and organisers. The festival gets underway Saturday (May 26, 2018) in the Elbpark Entenwerder backed by the Ministry of the Environment. All the electricity needed for the stages and festival infrastructure has been regenerated from sunlight and muscle power from bicycles. Kerstan had earlier taken to his bike and pedalled for a bit.

Energy self-sufficient festival

Around 12 artists will perform on two stages – one of which will be driven by the muscle power of fans and the other by the solar energy. The energy, waste (avoidance) and recycling concept, sanitation and catering services have been designed based on limited resources. The free Futur 2 Festival is part of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy’s moinzukunft platform and is supported by several sponsors and partners. Morgenwelt GmbH and hejmo UG have helped organize the festival, which is set to be a laboratory for sustainable, climate-friendly and sustainable open air events, with the ministry. A comprehensive environmental reporting system will be set up to record all energy consumption during the event.

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